CNN Just Spent A Full Year Running Interference For Hunter Biden And His Family’s Corruption

Hunter Biden’s shady business and financial links have initially been exposed by the New York Post only weeks before the 2016 election. Still, corporate media opted to trash the story as fake news, even adopting the Democrat narrative that it was somehow “Russian misinformation.” Big Tech firms attacked and suppressed the publication, and its reporting was subsequently used to divert attention away from a succession of other exposes about the Biden family’s wrongdoing.

Much of the corporate media leaped on the subject after the Washington Post reported that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, may have used his father’s Ukraine links to enhance his international business transactions. One site, in particular, was keen on propagating Democrats’ falsehoods, which minimized the heinous behavior shown by the Post’s writers and even promoted Hunter and his father as genuine and trustworthy.

During his limited and slanted coverage of the Bidens, Jake Tapper repeatedly stated, “There is no proof that Hunter Biden has done anything illegal.” During a Democratic presidential debate, Anderson Cooper, one of the network’s most famous media darlings, even injected CNN’s planned narrative on the Bidens. In one part, he said, “Joe Biden was carrying out US policy.”

“President Trump falsely accused your son of wrongdoing while working on a corporate board in Ukraine,” Cooper said. Biden said that he carried out the United States’ strategy of weeding out corruption in Ukraine. “Hunter has done nothing wrong,” Jill Biden told CNN viewers, dismissing any accusations of Hunter’s misconduct.

During her coverage of Hunter Biden’s book, a CNN anchor termed Donald Trump’s accusations of misconduct in the book “unsubstantiated,” adding that “several outlets” investigated the subject. When Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that Hunter Biden is a person of integrity, the network remained silent.