CNN Guest Disrespects Desired Pronouns Of Colorado Club Q Shooter

Is the left now ‘misgendering’ so-called “transgender” people by not respecting their preferred pronouns?

It sure seems to be the case! CNN brought an alleged “trans” guest on their show who argued that the self-identified “non-binary” Colorado Club Q shooter does not have the affliction he claims.

The revelation that the suspected shooter is non-binary came from court documents attesting to the use of “they/them” pronouns and the title “Mx.” rather than “Mr.”

“The attorneys for the shooter are now saying that the shooter is non-binary, and the shooter would like to use the pronouns ‘they/them’ for the court and all court papers, and that’s what Anderson Aldrich’s attorneys are saying. Do you have any thoughts on that?” CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked the guest.

“I think that it’s completely ludicrous,” said CNN guest Natalee Bingham, who believes he is a woman. “I believe they’re just saying that because they want to have the easy way out on this. That’s really, really offending, especially being a transgender woman myself, that a male, which it was obvious with the mugshot, that’s a man.”

Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec pointed out the delicious irony of a left-winger refusing to affirm a person’s ‘transgender’ status:

“That’s not a non-binary person because in no way, shape, or form could they appear as a woman the next day. It’s really offensive to really hear that, that they’re playing that role. If they’re non-binary, why would you go after the club where you feel safe?” Bingham asked as he ironically used the suspect’s preferred pronouns. “Why would you do that to a community where you are welcomed in if you are non-binary?” Bingham concluded.

The Colorado Club Q Shooting suspect caused a massive amount of carnage, he allegedly fired at a crowd of people with a semiautomatic rifle, killing five and injuring 17. The attack ended thanks to the heroic actions of patrons in the establishment, including a veteran of the US army.

“We thank the quick reactions of heroic customers that subdued the gunman and ended this hate attack,” the nightclub posted on its Facebook page Sunday.