Clinton Takes Political Theatrics From Politics To New Show

Hillary Rodham Clinton is trading in her pollical theatrics and instead intends to showcase her dramatics in a new show co-hosted with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

The former First Lady states she will not make a run for the U.S. presidency, but she vows to keep former Republican President Donald J. Trump from ever again being in the White House.

“He should be soundly defeated. It should start in the Republican Party. Grow a backbone. Stand up to this guy,” Clinton declared, adding that if he becomes the GOP presidential nominee, Trump “needs to be defeated roundly and sent back to Mar-a-Lago.”

Though widely speculated, Trump has not announced any intentions to run for president in 2024.

Clinton says she will do everything she can to ensure the U.S. has a president who “represents our democracy and the rule of law and upholds our institutions.”

Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, was the Democrat presidential nominee in 2016 but lost the election to Trump. She had previously served as Secretary of State during a portion of President Barack Obama’s tenure in office. Prior to that, she served as a U.S. Senator from the state of New York.

In contrast to her continued rhetoric during the Trump years that he was an “illegitimate president” and that there was Russian interference. Clinton now says even though she lost, she never whined about it and accepted a “peaceful transfer of power.”

“You know, I was the secretary of state. I spent, you know, many days on airplanes, flying from place to place, encouraging people to have a real democracy. And one of the hallmarks of a real democracy is the peaceful transfer of power,” Clinton said. “Was I happy when I beat Donald Trump by nearly three million votes but lost the Electoral College? No, I was not happy. Did I ever for a nanosecond think, ‘I’m gonna claim victory and try to get the Democrats to refuse to certify the election?’ No.”

Democrats are already lamenting her public statement not to run.

Political strategist and former advisor to former President Clinton said a presidential run by Clinton would give Democrats “their best chance” at securing victory during the 2024 election.

“Regardless of one’s own political affiliation or opinion of Clinton, the country knows her as an experienced politician and a champion of women’s rights,” Schoen asserted in an opinion piece earlier this year. He claimed that Clinton “offers the exact type of leadership that the Democratic Party desperately needs.” As a result of this relief, Schoen argued, “If Democrats want a chance at winning the presidency in 2024, Clinton is — now more than ever — their best chance.”