Clinton Foundation Donations Down 75 Percent Over 2016

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election to Brandon fair and square. Let’s let him have that one since it’s practically illegal to say otherwise.

The Democrats did a fantastic job in 2020 of locking down the vote in all seriousness. No one has ever locked down the vote in U.S. history as the Democrats did, and their unprecedented caper was a stunning display of political craftiness.

Still, the Donald isn’t down and out despite the setback. In a recent Rasmussen Reports survey of likely 2024 presidential voters, Donald Trump bested Joe Biden if a double-digit lead held the hypothetical matchup today.

In October, writing for the Washington Post, Michael Scherer and Josh Dawsey wrote that Trump commands a fundraising juggernaut as he looks forward to the 2024 elections. The Trump campaign has refunded GOP donors more money since 2020 (over $77 million) than the Clinton Foundation has raised.

Writing for Blaze News, Chris Pandolfo reported Wednesday that the Clinton Foundation’s donations had plummeted some 75% from the foundation’s haul back in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was running for president against Donald Trump.

Pandolfo notes that all the disruptions to the world starting in 2020 (conveniently labeled “the pandemic” for ease of communication, but something far more than a coronavirus outbreak) have led to a downturn in charitable giving across the board.

That’s another unfortunate side effect of the Covidcrats’ medicine.