Citizens United Files Suit Against Administration Over Election Moves

A pair of lawsuits were filed last week by Citizens United against the Biden Administration’s efforts to utilize federal agencies to increase voter registration — and likely aid Democratic efforts to avoid a November bloodbath.

The Biden administration clearly wishes to federalize elections, and the suits by the nonprofit against the Departments of Interior and State are for failing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Federal law requires that an agency respond to an FOIA request within 20 days. Both departments failed to respond to the June filings, which sought electronic communications from the agencies concerning Biden’s Promoting Access to Voting executive order.

Another part of the request was any communications, including texts and emails, mentioning the Hatch Act. This is the law that prohibits election activities being conducted by executive branch employees.

Ignoring these very reasonable requests violates both the letter and the spirit of FOIA.

As Citizens United President David N. Bossie said, “The Biden administration may have violated the Hatch Act, and these records should provide the answer.”

If, of course, the executive branch complies with clear federal law.

The executive order in question directed every one of the 600 federal agencies to become voter registration vehicles. The result is pairing executive branch employees with voting advocates, which clearly runs afoul of the intentions of the Hatch Act.

Fifteen secretaries of state, even before the filing of Citizens United lawsuits, signed onto a letter urging Biden to rescind the executive order. Their reasoning was simple — it is unconstitutional.

There can be no mistaking of the intentions of the Biden administration in his executive order. The goal is simply to register more Democratic voters using the power and persuasion of the federal government to increase his party’s turnout in the key November midterms and beyond.

Failure to provide transparency by federal agencies is just another in a long line of indications that the White House is desperate to stem the tide many believe will wash over Congress later this year. And they are throwing everything against the wall to prevent what is coming.