Chuck Schumer Was Misleading The World All Along

According to a Politico story, Chuck Schumer has been misinforming the public about the budget discussions. The Biden administration overlooks another of its commitments, which appeared critical at the time.

The current discussion over the infrastructure bill is enigmatic, perplexing, and confounding. It mainly comprises progressive Democrats who are outraged that a West Virginia Democrat wants to spend “just” $1.5 trillion on “Building Back Better.” Few people in Washington, D.C., know where Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema stands since West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin controls her party’s agenda.

In July, Manchin and Sinema spelled out their requests, and Schumer appeared to have signed off on it or at the very least signaled to Manchin that he would attempt to make Manchin’s idea work. Democrats are concerned that the agenda whole might be jeopardized due to disagreements between moderate and progressive groups.

The notion that “Manchin won’t offer a figure” has been a falsehood for weeks. Chuck Schumer could have told the press at any time, on the record or off, that Manchin had given him a clear and explicit list of things he could and couldn’t accept. He opted not to do so, preferring for people to assume that the delayed pace of discussions was due to Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema’s ambiguous and noncommittal statements.

The progressive Left is a politically immature movement that refuses to embrace the hard truth that if they reach 50 seats, the only policies that will prevail are those that unite the party and will be progressive. No matter how enraged progressive Democrats become, no matter how much they label Manchin “right-wing” or a “coal profiteer,” they will not be able to persuade him to alter his mind.

Despite glowing reviews in magazines like The Economist, Chuck Schumer has proven to be a poor leader of the Democrats in the Senate. A more competent leader would have spent most of 2021 reducing progressive expectations. It’s pretty difficult to lead a “majority” with only 50 votes; trust is an essential component of leadership.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced that an investigation was underway and conclusions would be available by the end of next week. The White House provided no updates on the inquiry yesterday, merely stating that it is still ongoing.

Merck and its partner claim that their experimental Covid-19 tablet helped prevent high-risk patients from falling very ill and dying early in the Ebola outbreak. In trial participants who had mild to severe Ebola exposure, the tablet reduced the chance of hospitalization or death by roughly half. “The mandate will most likely be formalized by OSHA in the weeks ahead,” Allah pundit of Hot Air speculates regarding the vaccination mandate.