Chuck Schumer Is Growing Impatient As He ‘Tries To Rig’ 2022 Election

You may have noticed a shift in their talking points for those who follow mainstream news sources. This election’s threat to our so-called “democracy” has already been the subject of numerous opinion articles, and there will be more. To be clear, the claim is that if the midterm elections in November regularly go, without allowing Democrats to take over the election through the federal government, Republicans will win, and our “democracy” will be over.

Yes, Democrats now define our system of government by whether they win or lose a midterm election. I can’t think of anything more authoritarian, at least domestically. They keep spinning the absurd, Orwellian idea that by destroying the nation’s voting mechanisms, they somehow strengthen voting rights.

Chuck Schumer, for one, is growing impatient. On MSNBC, he urged other senators to “pressurize” Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. During his remarks, Schumer acknowledged rigging the 2022 election. Mitch McConnell revealed on Fox News that Republicans are trying to establish a federal takeover of the nation’s electoral systems because they fear losing their seats. That’s what Schumer is saying here: that the present, long-standing voting processes won’t allow Democrats to win in 2022. Thus they need to be modified.

It would be considered an insurrection if a Republican Senate tried to accomplish this absurd and oppressive. I think that’s an excellent way to put it. Because they believe they will be unable to win under the present rules, Democrats actively seek to alter the voting process. That is, by any reasonable definition, election tampering.

Dems counter by saying they only want to increase voter turnout. But everyone eligible to vote can vote (leftwing arguments about felons and 16-year-olds aside). Democrats don’t need “voting rights” since they already have them. Instead, they want to create a nationally mandated system that can be manipulated for partisan gains, like California’s. Democrats want to ban voter ID, smuggle in unrequested absentee ballots, and harvest them. That system is prone to fraud and contrary to the nation’s secret ballot history. No one should come to someone’s door and demand their ballot. If someone wants to vote, it should be their choice alone.