Christian Terheș Gave An ‘Outstanding Speech’ Against Justin Trudeau And For Freedom

Justin Trudeau has an irrationally high opinion of himself. But he’s poised to be ripped apart in a vote on the Emergencies Act on Monday, as well as for his government’s and Ottawa police’s appalling acts. The impending evisceration will be well and justifiably merited.

Furthermore, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has erroneously attacked and blamed the Freedom Convoy in the same way that Joe Biden has stigmatized the unvaccinated. Trudeau has even taken away their freedom to oppose his despotic orders by activating the Emergencies Act peacefully and has fined them for doing so by seizing their bank accounts. But a Romanian Member of the European Parliament, Cristian Terheș, who hails from a country that knows a thing or two about Communist dictatorships, had a few words for Trudeau and his attack on the Free Convoy.

According to Terheș, “What made them powerful when referring to the Western world were the ideals.” The observance of fundamental rights. The realization that the government exists to serve you as a person rather than serve the government. “If individuals raise reservations about vaccines, they’re pariahs,” he stated in an address to the European Parliament in Brussels. What is the distinction between what he does and what occurred during the Inquisition?

Furthermore, on the one hand, he says they shouldn’t believe in God, but on the other, they say they should believe in science. Science isn’t about faith. He defined science as “measurements, findings, hypotheses, and arguments.” Terheș stated that he supports the Freedom Convoy movement and has called them to express his support. “He hopes this movement for freedom and rights spreads all across the world,” he said.

What is going on in Canada is encouraging to everyone, spreading throughout the world. Any government that tries to control people will find their belief in individual rights threatening. It is why Justin Trudeau and others are so eager to end such a movement.