Chris Christie Defends Access To Gender Change Treatments For Minors

Former New Jersey Governor and current GOP presidential candidate, Chris Christie, has sparked a spirited debate within Republican circles over his support for minors’ access to gender change treatments. 

In a recent appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Christie defended minors’ access to gender assignment surgeries and puberty blockers, asserting that the government should not supersede parental authority when it comes to crucial decisions regarding their children’s gender identity.

While many Republicans have voiced concerns about gender reassignment surgeries and puberty blockers for minors, Christie emphasized the importance of parental involvement in such life-altering choices.

 “I don’t think that the government should ever be stepping in to the place of the parents in helping to move their children through a process where those children are confused or concerned about their gender,” Christie stated, expressing his support for minors’ access to gender change procedures.

The Republican candidate called for each state to require parental participation in these decisions, highlighting the significance of parental support, guidance, and love for individuals under the age of 18. According to Christie, the government should not exclude parents from this decision-making process.

“The fact is that folks who are under the age of 18 should have parental support, and guidance, and love as they make all the key decisions of their life, and this should not be one that excluded by the government in any way,” the former governor said in the interview, which comes about two weeks after he announced his presidential run.

Christie’s stance is not only unusual for a Republican. A recent Washington Post-KFF survey conducted on Americans, regardless of political affiliations, revealed that a majority of Americans oppose minors’ access to puberty-blocking medication and cross-gender hormonal treatments. 

The survey found that 68% of respondents oppose access to puberty blockers for children aged 10 to 14, while 58% oppose access to cross-gender hormonal treatments for children aged 15 to 17.

However, Christie’s take on the issue is not surprising considering his policies regarding gender identity during his tenure as governor of New Jersey in 2017. He signed bills that allowed children to use school facilities based on their gender identity and removed restrictions placed on biological men participating in women’s sports. 

Under the bill, schools were encouraged to provide professional development opportunities to staff members regarding LGBTQ issues. Schools were also required to ensure students have access to “developmentally appropriate” LGBTQ books and resources.