Chinese Official Mocks U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan: ‘The Graveyard Of Empires’

The international community has started to take notice of the disastrous withdrawal of the U.S. Troops from Afghanistan. Videos are going viral of the Taliban in Afghanistan showing off the Billions of dollars worth of military equipment left behind by the U.S. military.

The Biden administration has been facing considerable backlash for leaving behind top-notch, technologically advanced military equipment in Afghanistan for the Taliban to exploit. The organization known for its extremist acts, with a history of neglecting human rights, is now freely roaming the country’s streets, flaunting the occupied equipment and mocking the U.S. Some of the international allies have also developed a sour spot for Biden for not communicating the exact plan for withdrawal, which led to the abandonment of thousands of citizens and partners in the country.

China has also noticed the debauched job in Afghanistan and did not leave any chance to mock the U.S. A video went viral of a Taliban militant having turned a U.S. military aircraft into a swing. The Taliban militant was swinging from the aircraft’s wings as the other person gave it a swing. The spectacle was utterly laughable and, at the same time, embarrassing for the U.S. Chinese Official Lijan Zhao mocked the U.S. in a tweet mentioning the video.

The disastrous withdrawal on Biden’s watch that left 13 U.S. service members dead and billions of American taxpayer money wasted on training the hopeless Afghan forces that surrendered to the Taliban immediately after the first strike is proof of America’s disastrous loss. The world is now questioning the country’s competency that has claimed superiority in the world powers for a long time. The international community is now being mocked over the most significant loss of history.