China’s Persecution Of The Uyghurs Should Be A ‘Matter Of Grave Concern’ To The West

Given that Western governments have spent the last two years cracking down on their citizenry, the Chinese government’s genocide should be terrifying to us all. Over the last two years under COVID-19, almost every Western country has seen the most severe onslaught on individual and civil freedoms since World War II. But, given the absence of condemnation of the People’s Republic of China and the frequent emphasis on forging ties with it, people shouldn’t be shocked.

The leaders of Western democracies have consistently exhibited ambivalence in the face of China’s open extermination of Uyghur Muslims. LifeSiteNews has unearthed substantial proof that China forces Uyghur women to undertake abortions, sterilization, and “reeducation” programs. When leaders like Trudeau and Biden preach about “tolerance,” they will tolerate mass death and torture if it helps them achieve their globalist aims.

Moreover, Klaus Schwab, the Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has voiced his appreciation for “His Excellency” Xi Jinping and his brutal government. Torture and organ harvesting are among the procedures, in addition to forced sterilization and forced abortion. Schwab stated that China had made enormous social and economic progress under its leadership.

According to Klaus Schwab, Germany’s top economic official, China’s President Xi Jinping has achieved the “historic aim” of building a “prosperous society in all aspects” in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Schwab paradoxically noted that China’s efforts have aided the more significant global objective of making “more inclusive” and “sustainable.”

Furthermore, with China killing religious and ethnic minorities and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau designating nonviolent demonstrators as enemies of the state, “inclusivity” means something different than imagined. The Trudeau Administration is suspending political dissidents’ financial accounts, and American President Joe Biden appears to favor such a move.

Therefore Xi Jingping, Joe Biden, and Justin Trudeau are all World Economic Forum alumni. As public confidence in the media and government plummets, millions of people see right through the facade, and the harm is irreversible. As soon as a new population enters the picture, these groupings may shift. In 2012, Trudeau tweeted, “When a government tries to cancel or avoid opposition, it’s swiftly losing its moral legitimacy to rule.” Canceling and avoiding opposition is now a shining example of moral government, thanks to Trudeau’s implementation of the Emergencies Act.