China’s Military Will Open Fire On US Forces Who Come to Taiwan’s Aid

The official organ of the Chinese Communist Party, the Global Times, has issued the latest warning to attack the United States. If a battle breaks out between the two countries, it is said that China’s military will assault US forces who come to Taiwan’s aid. According to the report, “such credibility is progressively overriding the deterrent.”

Moreover, China’s threat to reintegrate Taiwan into its orbit comes as the Biden administration grapples with Russian invasion attempts in Ukraine, a circumstance that might force US action. The US has stated that it is ready to fight any effort by China to capture Taiwan by force.

The Global Times, a propaganda source for China’s Communist Party (CCP), has vowed to strike US forces who could come to Taiwan’s rescue. Since the Biden Administration began office, China has threatened to invade Taiwan, prompting the US to strengthen the island’s defenses and caution the CCP against escalation.

Furthermore, the editorial in Thursday’s Global Occasions is one of the few times in recent memory that China has openly threatened to harm anyone who could assist Taiwan defend itself.

According to Sullivan, the US is working to guarantee that a solid Chinese takeover of Taiwan “never happens.” The Global Times answered explicitly in an editorial, stating that China will not abandon its reunification efforts. “Don’t have a loudmouth, Mr. Sullivan,” the publication advised, “or you will only shame your nation further.”