China’s Ambassador To The United States Is ‘Warning’ Of A Military ‘Clash’ Over Taiwan

China’s Ambassador to the United States accuses Taiwan of “going down the road toward independence,” warning that this might lead to a military clash between China and the United States. In one of China’s most overt threats yet, Qin Gang claims that such a confrontation would almost certainly include the two nations’ two most powerful allies in a major military conflict.

China has increased its pressure on Taiwan, sent 39 planes to the island country earlier this week, and the Chinese Ambassador has cautioned the US against assisting Taiwan’s independence movement. Chinese threats of “military warfare” are uncommon, and the always courteous Chinese are more elusive in their warnings.

Moreover, Qin claims that Washington’s decades-long engagement program with China has failed to stimulate democratic transformation. He claims that any notions of “changing China” were always “illusions” and that Beijing is well prepared for the next Olympics. These are Beijing’s second Olympic Games, and competitors mostly stay within a tight “bubble” to avoid coronavirus infection.

As ties with China have deteriorated, the United States has grown increasingly loud in support of Uyghurs. “The destiny for many jails,” Ambassador Qin stated, adding that others were transferred to “vocational schools” to correct their thinking. If either side hoped for a fresh start with President Donald Trump’s departure, it hasn’t occurred yet.

China’s “provocative military activities near Taiwan,” according to the US State Department, risks mistakes and threatens regional peace and stability. According to the department, the US commitment to Taiwan is “rock strong” and contributes to maintaining peace across the Taiwan Strait and throughout the region.

The US has a “rock-solid” commitment to Taiwan’s independence, but if the Chinese invade, that commitment may crumble. They could quickly provide Taiwan with weapons that would force China to reconsider its position. After a battle with Taiwan, all of China’s glossy new weapons carriers planes would appear a lot less dazzling. However, few in Congress would favor going to war to defend Taiwan.