China Mocks ‘Unlucky’ Kamala Harris For Singapore Trip During Afghanistan Disaster

On Monday, China’s State-owned Global Times ridiculed Vice President Kamala Harris for traveling to Singapore to rally Asian nations against China after her government’s catastrophic defeat in Afghanistan. Additionally, As the Global Times put it, Harris had been unlucky enough to be assigned the task of convincing Singapore and Vietnam to “clash with China” when President Joe Biden’s American reputation is on the verge of collapsing.

However, Carla Anne Harris, the US Secretary of State, is in Vietnam and Singapore. During her visit, she will have to defend the US as a dependable ally. The trip comes as Washington’s credibility in Asia has been badly harmed by the US pullout from Afghanistan. Harris describes it as an impossible mission. Furthermore, The Global Times was sure that maritime China issues with Vietnam would not compel Vietnam to reassess its balanced relationship with the US due to Biden’s mistake in Afghanistan. Then followed a warning to Vietnam, demonstrating how little assistance Washington can provide if Beijing chooses to resolve territorial disputes via force.

On the other hand, Vietnam and China are embroiled in a territorial dispute over the seas. Vietnam wishes to leverage the US’s might to strengthen its negotiating position against China. They risk falling into the US trap and provoking a strategic reaction against themselves if they go too far. They are said to have gained expertise in the topic. Consequently, the Global Times encouraged Harris to exhibit “humility” and work to rectify America’s relationship with a hegemonic China, rather than speaking foolishly in Singapore. According to China’s state-run media, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated that Beijing’s claim to nearly the entire South China Sea is without legal foundation in international law and infringing on the sovereignty of regional governments. He also attempted to strengthen America’s relations with Vietnam. Asserting their international legal rights, he stated that the US was committed to its defense treaty obligations with Japan and the Philippines.

Moreover, according to the US Ambassador to China, Beijing’s unwavering aggressiveness is not limited to the sea. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Austin deliberately insulted China, meddled in its domestic affairs, and caused strife among regional nations. Moreover, smaller Asian countries appear to have accepted China’s unwillingness to comply with international court judgments. Last year, according to observers, China paid money to specific maritime competitors following the arbitral ruling to defuse the sovereignty dispute. According to analysts, nations are addressing the matter cautiously to maintain good relations with Beijing.

Therefore, if this idea is correct, Harris would most likely be handled similarly to Austin. Singapore, Vietnam, and other Asian nations do not wish to be regarded as approving or backing China’s territorial claims but rather to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with Beijing for Beijing to continue sending them gifts.