China Mocks Biden’s ‘Absurd’ Attempt To Make ‘NICE’ With John Kerry Climate Visit

China’s state-controlled Global Times slammed US “climate envoy” John Kerry’s visit to Tianjin, criticizing Kerry’s climate-change discussions as an ineffective attempt to repair bridges without offering China the apologies as well as compensation it deserved for numerous claimed American transgressions.

The Global Times mocks the Biden administration’s attempt to look moral and rational via the lens of climate cooperation. The Global Times stated that the United States’ entire China policy has been terrible. Moreover, China has been the target of a massive government crackdown. The United States subsequently unexpectedly reversed course on climate change, inviting China to join as though nothing had occurred.

According to the Global Times, Biden may begin repairing America’s bilateral ties with China by suspending all investigations into the origins of COVID-19 as well as accepting the CCP’s fabricated account of the pandemic. The editorial argued that only blaming China for the pandemic would help reverse America’s disastrous attempt to “divide the world.” The US’s policy of strategic containment toward China has polarized the globe and jeopardized China’s security. The US lowers the drawbridge when it is required and raises it when it is no longer necessary. The primary question is if there is any reason for China to allow the US to do anything it wants.

Before beginning climate collaboration, the editorial demanded an end to all American attempts to contain as well as suffocate China’s rise. While Kerry criticized the CCP for recklessly constructing carbon-emitting coal power plants across China and the Third World, the Global Times scoffed at American arrogance.

Kerry warned on Thursday that China’s persistent need for coal might erase global climate change accomplishments. Kerry claimed that the establishment of new coal facilities poses a significant threat to international efforts to avert climate disasters. On Thursday, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged Kerry that the climate cooperation between China and America cannot be elevated above the broader context of China-US relations. Therefore, now it is up to the US to abandon its image of China as a threat and adversary.