China Is Openly Threatening US Forces

According to the news, It is plausible that the Chinese military will heavily strike US forces who come to Taiwan’s aid, China’s Global Times warned. The United States has claimed that China is preparing an attack on Taiwan. Last week, China conducted live bombing drills on islands in the South China Sea as another intimidation and pressure tactic against Taiwan.

Moreover, China’s bluster isn’t unusual, but they’ve never outright threatened to attack US soldiers as they are now. But what has to be noticed is that does anyone have faith in Gen. Mark Milley, the man who mishandled Afghanistan, to do an excellent job on this front? According to this story, he was sidling up to jackals ready to strike. He couldn’t even scare a fly any longer.

Furthermore, the aggression comes at a horrible moment for Vladimir Putin, who has been rattling his sabers at Ukraine, is likely to invade in 2022, and aligns himself with China in military drills. What a savage start to what appears to be a resurgent China’s lengthy struggle against the West. Therefore, For years, some academics have warned that the United States should do everything possible to divide China and Russia and pit them against one another rather than allowing them to pursue their imperial goals together.