China Has Refused To Acknowledge Ukraine’s Invasion By Russia Instead Calling All Parties To ‘Diffuse The Situation’

China’s Foreign Ministry has urged “all sides” in Ukraine to exercise caution and keep the situation under control. China has refused to term Russia’s attack on Ukraine an invasion instead of calling on all parties to deescalate the situation.

Hua declined to call Russia’s attack and invasion. “The Ukrainian issue has another challenging historical backdrop that has lasted till now,” she remarked during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to New York.

Moreover, Russian soldiers entered Ukraine from the east and the country’s northern border with Belarus, resulting in hundreds of deaths. Russia also launched airstrikes, capturing the Antonov Airport 25 miles from Kyiv. According to the Taiwan Defense Ministry, nine Chinese fighter planes entered Taiwan’s air defense zone on Thursday. The breach was not as severe as on January 23, when 39 Chinese planes buzzed Taiwanese airspace.

The Taiwanese air force was deployed to warn off nine Chinese planes that had breached its air defense zone. Over the previous two years, Taiwan has complained about the Chinese air force conducting such flights regularly. The number of aircraft participating was far less than the previous large-scale intrusion, which featured 39 Chinese aircraft on January 23. With significantly fewer aircraft, such fly-bys have been irregular.

According to a Chinese Defense Ministry spokeswoman, Taiwan is a “fundamental issue” for China, and it would not accept outside intervention. China has never abandoned the use of force to seize control of Taiwan, and it constantly opposes US military shipments or other displays of support from Washington. The Biden Administration has promised to increase diplomatic and security resources in the area.

On Thursday, China encouraged the United States to refrain from “interfering” in the Taiwan issue. China considers Taiwan a part of the mainland, whereas Taiwan has declared independence. “Stop interfering in China’s domestic affairs,” warned Tan Kefei, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Defense Ministry.