Chicago Schools Promote Transgender Instruction

A recently revealed faculty program shows that the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) district has been instructing teachers and staff to promote transgender ideology and to help children hide their gender identities from their parents.

CPS has provided teachers with a “Supporting Gender Diversity Toolkit,” a multimedia document that is designed to “create an environment” for all students to “identify and express” their preferred gender identities. The material is expected to help students “achieve healthy development” leading to emotional and academic success.

The district has said its objective is to affirm gender identities and to be “flexible” as students undergo gender transitions.

The materials include radical leftist concepts like intersectionality and gender theory. The program also provides specific instructions on how teachers should handle transgenderism in schools.

Teachers are told not to refer to pronouns as “preferred,” as they are “required” by the district. Faculty members are warned that intentionally using incorrect pronouns for any person in school is a direct violation of official CPS policy.

Teachers are encouraged to include their pronouns in their email signatures and to actively ask all students what pronouns they use. They are also told to hold other district employees “responsible” for using correct pronouns, even if the person being referred to is not present.

Teachers are advised to also include “transgender and nonbinary people” in their instructional plans.

The materials also instruct teachers to consider every child’s gender identity as a “private matter” that should not be discussed with other students or staff members. Teachers are also told not to inform parents of their child’s “gender identity” without the child’s consent.

Teachers are instructed to avoid using terms in classrooms like “boys,” “girls,” “sir,” “ma’am,” or “ladies and gentlemen.” Instead, they are told to use terms like “everyone” and “folks.”

CPS is not alone in this type of faculty instruction, although as the nation’s third-largest school district it is likely to attract attention around the country. The reality is that teachers’ unions are pressing transgender ideology and promoting “transitions” among young children and teenagers nationwide.

As more citizens become aware of official government policy to both encourage gender transitioning and secrecy from parents, the backlash against the radical progressive destruction of the basic foundations of American culture is sure to increase. Parents everywhere will hopefully destroy the idea that children belong to the state rather than their families.