Catastrophic Crash In Polling Numbers For Biden And The Dems

According to the most recent polls, public opinion of Biden’s presidency is dropping even more, with little hope of improving these levels. People are in for a big wave of inflation, with gasoline and natural gas prices fast rising and challenging to cut down on. The turmoil of the Taliban’s capitulation portends further political humiliation, with China potentially profiting. Crime has increased dramatically in Democratic-controlled cities, and none of these reasons will help Biden or his party improve their ratings.

President Joe Biden has a negative job approval rating of 38 to 53 percent, the lowest rating he’s earned from the American people since assuming office. Republicans (94%) and independents (60%) disapprove of Biden’s job performance, while Democrats (80%) and independents (32%) approve.

From the reaction to the coronavirus to the situation at the Mexican border, Biden and the Democrats are in deep trouble. More than half of Americans believe the Biden administration is inept at running the government (55-42%). The most shocking statistic is that just 25% of people favor immigration concerns, while 67% disagree.

Biden’s emotional posture toward regular people is the one area in which he has a (slightly) positive rating, and even here, his pace of deterioration is horrible. His popularity among Black voters, one of his most important groups in 2020, has plummeted from 86 percent to 64 percent.

In normal conditions, Kamala Harris would be considered the most probable Democratic Party contender to succeed the aging and progressively deteriorating Biden before or after the 2024 presidential election. Vice President Harris, on the other hand, is the lowest of the low. According to a recent survey, 74.9 percent of Americans believe she has done a terrible job handling the southern border problem since President Biden appointed her in March 2021.

According to the reporters, Democratic governors across the country have used “emergency” decrees to gain unprecedented powers. Biden claims that this is addicting, like crack, to tyrants and those who seek a permanent grip on the levers of power. It appears that Democrats are considering non-democratic ways of retaining control.