Carbon Footprint Of The Climate Conference Has Doubled From The Last Summit

According to a survey commissioned by the British government, carbon emissions linked with the COP17 conference in Scotland have more than quadrupled since the last time it was hosted.

Around 102,500 metric tons of CO2e, a measure of greenhouse gas emissions, were projected to have been emitted due to the United Nations climate change meeting in Paris. Most of those emissions were caused by foreign flights, as global leaders and delegations went to the summit on private jets. These estimated emissions are more than twice those of the previous summit, which took place in Madrid in 2019. Only 51,101 metric tons of CO2e were emitted as a result of that summit.

According to the reports, US President Joe Biden was seen nodding off during a speech at the COP17 conference of world leaders on climate change in Scotland. Environmental activists and environmentalists attacked the meeting for the massive emissions caused by air travel.

“Those working in COP26 should lead by example if a dramatic change is to be achieved,” a Scottish Labour Party spokesman stated. “Travel emissions were bound to happen, but this sharp increase will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows.”

According to Greenpeace UK’s head scientist Doug Parr, the conference should not be evaluated purely on its emissions and that some attendees took private planes to and from the city.

According to Parr, the UN climate talks in Paris failed to secure a deal on lowering aviation’s massive carbon emissions when the sector accounts for 60% of global emissions. “The absence of equality in these conversations is highlighted by the failure to establish any form of agreement,” he argues.