Canadian Transgender Woman Wants Euthanasia Due To ‘Discomfort And Pain’

A 35-year-old transgender woman from Alberta, Canada, is tired of living as a trans woman and needs the Canadian government to help him with euthanasia. But the government has rejected his bid.

According to Lois Cardinal, who has lived under another identity for 14 years, he has been experiencing “constant discomfort and pain” since his gender change. In a bid to shed light on the consequences of gender ideology, he shared his story online and revealed how he felt rushed into a surgery that he wasn’t ready for, resulting in sterilization. 

His vaginoplasty complications led to severe mental anguish, causing him to forget which genitalia he had and end up in and out of hospitals.

For Cardinal, the inability to procreate further added to his distress. In January, he applied for Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program, hoping to avoid growing older in his current body.

The eligibility criteria for MAID include being eligible for health services funded by the government, being at least 18 years old and mentally competent, having a grievous and irremediable medical condition, making a voluntary request for medical assistance in dying, and giving informed consent.

Despite Canada’s reputation for its permissive stance on sex-change procedures and state-facilitated assisted deaths, Cardinal’s MAID application was rejected. His doctor, who remains unidentified, acknowledged his enduring physical and psychological suffering related to his neo-vagina, but ultimately deemed him ineligible based on current criteria.

Cardinal expressed frustration, claiming doctors seemed more focused on using his chosen pronoun rather than addressing his pain. Although he plans to reapply for the program, he continues his fight against gender ideology, which he believes is responsible for his predicament.

In June, Cardinal posted a video where he burned the transgender component of the LGBT activist flag, stating his opposition to transitioning gay individuals, the mutilation of children, and the sterilization of anyone. 

“I DO NOT stand for transitioning the gay away. I DO NOT stand for the mutilatization [sic] of children. I DO NOT stand for the sterilization of anyone. Transition is conversion therapy, and I will NOT STAND for it,” he stated.

As Cardinal continues his battle against gender ideology, he calls on all levels of government to reconsider their stance on ‘gender-affirming care.’ His case has reignited a debate about the implications of gender ideology on healthcare decisions and highlighted the dangers of Canada’s liberal healthcare system that supports the affirmation of the gender a person chooses.