Canada Is Condemning Cuba’s Treatment Of Protesters

The Canadian Government has a remarkable ability to speak from both sides of its mouth. Government officials are rushing around denouncing the conduct of other countries against their protestors while clamping down on peaceful protesters with slanderous speech and severe physical and financial tactics.

Last year, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Marc Garneau, issued a statement expressing concern over China’s handling of Hong Kong demonstrators. The statement added, “In Hong Kong, the suppression of peaceful political speech continues to encroach on fundamental rights and freedoms.” The Basic Law guarantees democracy, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly, and they are part of Beijing’s duties under the UN-registered Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Moreover, Canada’s foreign ministry recently expressed its disapproval of Cuba’s brutal treatment of demonstrators through Twitter. The snark masters have reacted to the tweet, pointing out the irony and hypocrisy of Canada’s attempts to stand up for human rights. Perhaps the Cubans should have just run their protests over with horses as Canada did.

According to the reports, Cuba has imprisoned hundreds of demonstrators, including adolescents, for their involvement in anti-government rallies throughout the summer of 2021. Because of its significant financial links with Cuba, particularly in nickel mining, the Canadian Government has refrained from condemning the Cuban Government. Furthermore, unlike the United States, Canada has no embargo on Cuba, and Canadian people can go there.

Therefore IACHR also requested that Cuba release all those detained for involvement in the protests, including adolescents and adults. “However, the Cuban Government has stated that prosecutors followed the law, and top government officials have commended their work,” according to the Miami Herald. The weird irony is that Canada has a parliamentary government responsible to its people, at least on paper.