California Residents Told Not to Charge Their Electric Vehicles

The agenda to have every single American driving an electric vehicle remains alive and well on the left wing. Democrats are now trying to phase out gas-powered cars altogether, writing them off as dangerous to the environment and climate change.

Unfortunately, various issues with electric vehicles appear to indicate they could be more trouble than they’re worth. For starters, many of the currently available charging stations have been making headlines for not working.

Then, there’s the overall high pricing of these cars. They’re more expensive than the average gas-powered car. However, Democrats are sticking by the narrative that everyone needs to purchase an electric vehicle, despite the faulty charging stations and unaffordable rates.

California, on the other hand, is going one step further. The blue state is working to phase out gas-powered cars within the next 13 years. Yet, now, the state is also telling people to hold off on charging their vehicles.

Everything to Know About the Situation in California
In California, the state is facing serious issues with its available power. If things continue on as they have been, blackouts are anticipated.

Therefore, California residents are advised to not only hold off on charging electric vehicles, but also to have their thermostat temperatures at a minimum of 78 degrees. Steering clear of heavy light usage and major appliances are other parts of the guidelines California is giving its residents.

Unfortunately, the state has yet to address how telling people to hold off on charging electric people is compatible with making electric vehicles the only cars people can use within 13 years.

The energy involved to fully charge electric vehicles is extensive. If the state of California isn’t able to manage its electric grid now, there’s no telling what other issues may materialize later down the line.

A Dark Future
Unless California makes serious changes to how it approaches electricity and cars, its residents are going to be in for rough times. Unfortunately, this is not an issue being addressed at the state or federal levels.

Instead, Americans are being told just to trust the government, buy electric vehicles, and not worry about how it will all turn out. Naturally, many people aren’t too keen on taking this advice and potentially ending up without reliable transportation.