California Presents ‘Another Measure’ Against Parents

A proposed measure would enable youngsters as young as 12 to consent to vaccination without parental consent in California. It is simply another attempt by the left to dismantle the nuclear family. According to the Associated Press, Scott Wiener of San Francisco is the author of the legislation currently before the California Legislature.

Wiener persuaded the city of San Francisco to agree to stop doing business with firms headquartered in states that haven’t approved civil rights protections for LGBT persons while he was a supervisor. He also spearheaded the campaign to ensure that LGBT seniors in nursing homes are not mislabeled. To date, he has not advocated a non-binary gender choice in official papers, such as unicorns or elves.

Moreover, Wiener attempted to restrict parents of newborns born with male and female genital organs from having their androgyne children undergo reconstructive surgery. According to Wiener’s most recent and successful proposals, criminals must be placed in a jail that matches their “gender identity.” To put it another way, a physically intact rapist can “identify” as a woman and be imprisoned in a women’s jail.

“It’s immoral for teenagers to be denied the vaccine because a parent refuses or is unable to accompany their child to a vaccination location,” Wiener says. Hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus vaccinations and treatment for intercourse transmitted illnesses are currently available to California children aged 12 and above. It’s also worth noting that children may access contraception in California and abortions without their parents’ permission if those fail.

The rules are a dream come true for carnal offenders who prey on youngsters, both adults and minors. Leftists argue that youngsters are too terrified of their parents to disclose that they are physically active and in pain.

The Australian state of Victoria is considering permitting a youngster to get an experimental injection without knowing the long-term repercussions. The vaccine is ineffective against a virus that doesn’t infect healthy youngsters in the first place. Meanwhile, while you’re thinking about it, check out this pro-vaccine film from Victoria’s Youth Affairs Council. You’ll see that the older woman is older than the “dating” youngster, yet the girl is described as “above 14.”

Furthermore, The Youth Affairs Council was obliged to release a statement to defend the advertisement, which promised young people that they would look after them better than their parents. The message boils down to claiming that our film is fine because the law allows children to be vaccinated. Your family will go bankrupt to give you life, but the government will push you to turn out the light to save money.