California is Now Facing Serious Electrical Problems

The state of California continues to make the news for horrible reasons.

Every so often, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) takes shots at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). Yet, Americans are fleeing California for states like Florida. What’s more is that California lost so many residents that it’s down one seat in the US House of Representatives.

Other problems bringing California down include rampant homelessness rates, the wiping out of the middle class, water shortages, etc. However, instead of fixing these issues, the California state legislature recently chose to bump up the statewide gas tax.

The longer the Golden State ignores its problems, the more they grow. According to PJ Media, California is now faced with issues that threaten its ability to keep the lights on.

What to Know About California’s Electric Problems
In a nutshell, California’s anti-fracking policies are threatening millions of state residents’ access to lighting. All the renewable energy embraced by the Golden State hasn’t stopped the projected deficit of 1,700 to 5,000 megawatts.

If the Golden State is forced to deal with storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters, then its odds of seeing millions of residents without lighting are even higher.

Unfortunately, as electricity becomes harder to come upon in California, it’s also projected to get more expensive within the next several years.

Issues of this magnitude are generally heard about in third-world nations, not the United States of America.

The Bigger Lesson
In recent years, Democratic officials have waged war against oil, pipelines, gas, fracking, fossil fuels, etc. They claim that “clean energy” and other similar alternatives can fill the gaps and make life better for everyone.

Yet, the results of Democrats’ anti-energy policies don’t support this narrative. Before California officials started cracking down against the oil industry, the state had no shortage of access to electricity.

What’s happening in California also parallels the nationwide rise in gas prices that followed after the Biden administration forced through anti-energy reforms.

At the end of the day, oil, fracking, pipelines, etc., are necessary resources for any successful, first-world society. Democrats have tried things their way with anti-energy policies; yet, they’re not panning out so well.

Even the electric vehicles that Democrats claim everyone should drive are reliant upon oil for construction purposes. If the political left continues to gut the oil and energy sector, more unnecessary and widespread suffering will occur.

It’s up to voters whether they choose to keep re-electing officials who hate US energy.