California is Looking to Change Its Colleges

When California makes headlines, it’s usually not for a good reason. Some of the latest reports concerning the Golden State reveal that millions of its residents could soon be without electric power. That comes on top of the current water shortages the state is already dealing with.

Americans who are willing and able have been jumping ship and moving out of this deeply blue state. California even lost one seat in the federal House of Representatives; however, even this hasn’t given the state a wake-up call to change its ways.

Instead, California is looking to change the grades that its college students receive, according to Red State.

Wokeness Taking Over Higher Education
In real time, the University of California is flirting with the possibility of phasing out grading systems deemed as “traditional.”

This means A-D/F grades on assignments may become a thing of the past. According to academic officials in the Golden State, “equity” will get a boost if the standard grading metrics are swapped out for something more inclusive and progressive.

Wokeness in higher education is part of a pattern in California. Earlier this year, the state chose to remove standardized tests from its admissions process.

According to California State University, these tests were too “high-stakes” and “high-stress” for young people sending in college applications.

Bad News For California College Students and America
The changes coming to California’s higher education system do not align with the real world. Outside of college and in the workforce, “high-stakes” and even “stress” are sometimes factors.

Ultimately, in trying to make higher education more woke, California is failing to prepare its young adults to thrive and do well in the real world.

Changes coming from California State University and the University of California arrive as schools at all levels work to normalize wokeness.

Already, Democrats nationwide are fighting tooth and nail to indoctrinate children with critical race theory. Lessons of gender theory are also being pushed on children in third grade and under.

The unfortunate events in California beg to question what the future of America will look like in the long run.

A new generation that is ill-prepared for the real world, indoctrinated with left-wing dogma, and incapable of handling “high stakes” certainly doesn’t bode well for the nation at large.

Judging from the strong, left-wing roots in California, Americans can pretty much count on these changes to its higher education systems being implemented soon enough.