CA RECALL: Gavin Newsom Continues To Implode, As Californians Look Forward To His Removal

The great California Governor, Gavin Newsom, is getting heated during his zoom meetings and has lashed out plenty of times.

Newsom says that everyone outside of California is “b*******” about the state, but everything in California is just fine. Tell retail outlets that everything is okay when everything they have is stolen from their stores because of California retail theft laws.

Our politicians and leaders have every right to get upset when things are wrong and need to be fixed, but Newsom is mad because his state doesn’t want him in power anymore and acts on their wishes. Newsom is skating on thin ice, and he knows it. He can’t turn around his policies at this point because he’s already done unspeakable damage to California. America can’t wait to see him replaced with a reasonable leader that will keep their Constitutional Rights intact.

Newsom said, “Forgive me, I know I’m a little pointed today, but I’ve been taking a lot from you folks for a lot of months, so it’s kind of nice to be able to express myself too.”

Newsom should be pressed even harder by the media. He realizes that with Covid-19 dying down and Donald Trump out of office, he’s the new face of scrutiny, and the media is eating it up.

Newsom continued, “But I do, with great pride for this state, as a Californian, not as a, I’m future ex-governor, could happen in a few weeks, could happen in a few years. But I love this d*** state, we’re number one in job creation” and went on about the “good” things about California. September 14th is the recall election date, and Newsom will find out precisely what Californians think of him.

Newsom has banned government-funded travel to Florida for government employees and blames Covid-19 for basically everything. Keeping his government daddy promises, mask mandates, and possible shutdowns loomed over the last couple of months. Still, Newsom would commit political suicide if he locked down the state again as if he hasn’t already done that. Even Democrat voters are tired of their businesses being shut down and losing income. California is not an inexpensive state to live in, and revenue is required for people to put food on their tables and provide for their families.

Newsom has lost many large businesses to Texas and Florida, with Disney Imagineering moving thousands of jobs to their Florida headquarters. With those jobs and companies, so goes taxes. Tesla is the biggest company to add a manufacturing plant to Texas and Elon Musk is considering moving Tesla’s headquarters to Texas.

Newsom put the nail in the coffin when California enacted income taxes to part-time residents who have vacation homes in the state. It’s ridiculous to expect non-residents to pay income tax in a form you don’t accrue income in the state.

Goodbye, Newsom. You’re about to find out what it’s like to be despised by your state due to your acts as governor. Having Newsom gone would be a huge win for Republicans, assuming a Republican wins the election.