Brazil Leads International Effort to Protect Unborn as US Promotes Abortion

Brazil has taken a leading role in international pro-life governance in the wake of the Biden administration’s unrelenting attack on the right of unborn children to live.

The Brazilian government sent a delegation to the U.S. last week to promote the Geneva Consensus Declaration, an international coalition to support pro-life and pro-family governmental standards.

Brazilian Minister of State for Women, Family and Human Rights Cristiane Britto told LifeSiteNews that her nation is pro-life and that is why they have taken up the task of leading the declaration.

She said that Brazil had been working to add more nations to the Geneva consensus, with Guatemala and Colombia being the latest to join.

The U.S. was an original signatory to the declaration when President Donald Trump was in office. Soon after he took office, Joe Biden withdrew America’s sponsorship and participation. The new administration told the UN that it was “honored” to withdraw.

After the U.S. shunned the declaration, Brazil became the Secretariat nation of the coalition and has been working since to increase its membership. Britto said that her country is naturally suited to lead a pro-life international movement. She added that 70% of the mainly Christian country opposes abortion.

Britto pointed out that Brazilians elected an “expressly pro-life” president and has a public policy that focuses on protecting life and strengthening family bonds. She said that the “vast majority of Latin American countries are pro-life and Christian.”

The Brazilian delegation was in the U.S. from May 9 through May 15 and visited Washington, D.C., and New York. The visit came in conjunction with and commemoration of the International Day of Families.

The group used platforms provided by the United Nations and Organization for American States to promote discussions of women’s health and membership in the Geneva Consensus Declaration.

Britto said that even though the Biden administration has turned away from the declaration, she believes the American people remain fundamentally commited to pro-life policies. She said that Americans have historically partnered with Brazilians in advancing the overall cause of protecting life.