Boris Johnson Faces “Backlash” For Throwing A BYOB Party During Lockdown

The Government of the United Kingdom had ordered strict lockdowns during the globally hit pandemic of COVID-19, during which the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, was reportedly said to have thrown a “bring your own booze” party, at which, reports have said that more than a forty people participated, out of the more than 100 invited, and all above, during the COVID deaths were on the rise. According to reporters, the party was held at the prime minister’s official residence and was a garden party.

Johnson had apologized for the blunder he thought he had caused and explained to reporters that the get-together was an official meeting and that he was there for only a specific limited time being.

While the locals were enraged at the hearing of such news, the internet social media feeds had been observed to be full of criticism for the Prime Minister for such an act committed by him, to which Johnson sincerely apologized by adding that he felt sorry for making people the way the news did, as there were people who had been locked up in their homes for months without having to see their family members. Due to the lockdown, many who had lost their loved ones during the pandemic did not have the accessibility to mourn their relatives and family members.

The above-mentioned happening in the United Kingdom shows the government’s lack of sincerity and morality. They had committed something that the public was not allowed to, and that too, in such crucial phases that the world had been going through. Not to forget that this allegation that had been made on Boris was not any first time, as once before too, such an allegation of violating lockdown terms had been made against Boris.