Border Town Mayor Builds Secret City To Handle Illegal Immigrants Once And For All

As many suspected, Catholic charities have been helping illegal immigrants with their transition to the United States, but even they can’t handle the significant influx of illegal immigrants entering the country. The Mayor of McAllen, Texas, Javier Villalobos, has set up a facility to process and ho

According to Villalobos, Catholic Charities has a capacity of 1,200 people and weren’t able to process the number of illegal immigrants coming to their city. The temporary facility has caused much concern for the city’s residence because more illicit immigrants are testing positive for Covid-19. The positive part of the discovery is that solutions can be made for the migration moving forward, and the severity of the border crisis is coming to light.

Villalobos told Fox News, “We have an issue now. We have a tent of thousands of people in Donna, 14 miles from here. You go to the west, and we have Mission, and you go to the south, and we have, so we do have a mess.”

President Joe Biden is aware of these issues and isn’t doing anything to assist in the madness in U.S. cities across Texas. With the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strengthening its grip on America’s liberties, the federal government enables hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants to flood across the border, unclear of their sickness status. Villalobos told Fox News that the Covid-19 infection rate rose from around 4% to over 15% in McAllen, and though it can’t be attributed to the immigrants, it’s still a concerning number. If there’s one thing that Biden loves, it’s controlling. You have to ask yourself if the federal government allows this to happen for more lockdowns and mandates to take place due to Covid-19 infection rates increasing.

So, with the end result looking grim for Americans, housing and employment will soon begin to suffer as more illegal immigrants are going to need assistance, and the government, as always, will step in to offer it in the hope that it will result in a new Democrat voter.

Hopefully, there will be a new border czar in place soon to fix the mess at the border and begin the process of cleaning up after the storm. Americans deserve an administration with their best interests in mind, and we should call for better treatment from our government.