Border Chaos: Record For Apprehensions Smashed With Months Left

The border crisis continued to escalate in June with a record 191,898 migrants processed for the month by Border Patrol agents. This routed the record set last year of 178,649 for the first summer month.

The Biden administration quietly released the report from Customs and Border Protection showing the record surge late on Friday. Six of those apprehended were on the terror watch list.

That raises the dangerous number to 56 this fiscal year, almost double the total for the last four years combined. The total of terror suspects was 30 from 2017 through 2021.

The record haul is hardly unexpected as the White House continues to place low priority on securing the nation’s southern border. A situation that was coming under control with the previous administration has once again descended into chaos and anarchy.

President Biden is still working to end the effective Title 42 border restrictions, and the administration flatly rejects efforts by border states to bring a semblance of order to the crisis. States, by the way, that bear the overwhelming brunt of the president’s inaction.

With June’s total, the tally for the fiscal year topped 1.7 million. This startling number blew past last year’s record 1,659,206 migrant apprehensions — with three months left.

The June total was a drop from May’s all-time monthly peak of 222,656, which was more illegal crossings than ever recorded. The lower figure last month follows the pattern of border crossing attempts decreasing as the summer heat picks up.

Records show that of the 1.7 million migrants processed this fiscal year, 70% were unaccompanied adults. Data indicates 23% were family units and almost 7% unaccompanied minors. That means nearly 120,000 children illegally crossed the border without parents.

In a truly shocking number, it is believed that another 400,000 were able to cross into the U.S. without being caught in the quarter. This pushes the total crossings to well over 2 million with still three months remaining in the fiscal year.

Emboldened by the administration’s lack of concern, 26% of illegal border crossers previously attempted the same feat within the past year. That’s a far cry from the earlier average of 15%, meaning migrants no longer fear strict enforcement of federal laws. Then again, why should they?