Border Agents Are Asked To Go To Poland For ‘Operation Ukraine Support’ Instead Of Protecting The Southern Border

The United States’ southern border is in unthinkable jeopardy. Border authorities reached a new high for arrests of persons attempting to enter the United States illegally from Mexico. Now, Biden’s managers have devised a new plan to keep border guards busy: deploy them to Eastern Europe for “Operation Ukraine Support.”

According to Just The News, the Biden Administration attempts to redirect Customs and Border Protection agents away from the southern border issue and onto a foreign fight. The question is, what should a president of the United States prioritize: safeguarding his own country or protecting the world? Or deploying border patrol officials half a globe away to assist in tracking the migrants displaced by Vladimir Putin’s operations against Ukraine?

Moreover, Biden’s Ukraine-First, Europe-First, Anyone-But-Us-First government immediately rejected Donald Trump’s America-First stance. So why shouldn’t Biden’s managers dispatch border guards to Poland? It’s not like they want those agents doing anything here. The request comes six months after a similar effort to handle Afghan migrants following the botched US departure from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden’s managers are just too ideologically devoted to their method of operation to ever learn from their errors. The Office of Field Operations is looking for volunteers to help with the potential evacuation of US citizens, lawful permanent residents, and immediate family members from Ukraine. Employees who volunteer for this circumstance may be chosen for a temporary duty assignment in Poland.

Furthermore, they could rejoice at the chance to spend the spring in beautiful Rzeszów scrutinizing the impoverished and desperate escaping Ukraine documents. They’d be getting a lot more bang for their buck stamping forms there than sitting behind a desk preaching wokeness in Washington.

According to an internal White House document, volunteers must be ready to deploy “within 2-3 days” after being selected and expect to work overseas for around a month. To escape post-arrival quarantine, volunteers must be able to give a negative PCR test within 24 hours of arrival and be completely vaccinated with a COVID-19 immunization or have natural immunity from a recent illness. However, of course! Putin is on his way, but don’t lose sight of the priorities.

According to a document sent to workers by the Department of Homeland Security, they may be expected to work “irregular shifts and schedules,” which means weekends and holidays are okay. As America continues to be swamped with migrants, they may take solace in the fact that their government is processing Ukrainian refugees at their expense. It’s only fair in this America-Last Administration.