BLM Organization Is ‘Collapsing’

According to BLM’s “impact report,” the agency ended 2020 with $60 million in its bank accounts. The organization failed to submit taxes in 2020, which raised millions of dollars after George Floyd’s death. The charity’s tax-filing location is incorrect, and the charity’s two board members refuse to reveal who controls BLM’s millions. In the wake of the increased legal scrutiny, Indiana’s attorney general condemned BLM as a “scam” whose “house of cards may be tumbling.”

Moreover, BLM followed Al Sharpton’s commercial model, which was pioneered by the seasoned race-hustler. The implied message in Sharpton’s work was “back me, or you’re a racist.” Sharpton owed over $3 million in federal taxes in 2016. BLM also utilized ploys similar to those used by Obama operatives, claiming that criticism of Obama’s presidency was driven by racism.

Following the killings of Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown, BLM was created in 2013 and has generated funding since then. The killing of George Floyd in 2020 pushed BLM to new lows, with rioting and looting erupting across the country. On social media, celebrities shared photographs of Floyd and BLM insignia. BLM was backed by several corporations, including Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

BLM’s branding approach was devious, with nefarious objectives driving its meteoric ascent. BLM sells goods on its website in addition to receiving contributions, allowing it to expand its brand. Their dictatorial “my way or the highway” tendencies are exploited to create a monopoly among race donors. When activism becomes a career, the cause must be maintained.

Therefore, the impact of Black Lives Matter (BLM) has harmed the social fabric of the United States. The BLM’s call to “defund the cops” exclusively pertains to working-class communities. The affluent who had previously paid their protection money were almost invariably spared (but not always). BLM’s rhetoric may have irrevocably destroyed the country, in addition to incurring property and life losses.

Furthermore, Black Lives Matter (BLM) may have persuaded some African-Americans that their country despises them. Some people may avoid education and hard work because institutional racism would prohibit them from succeeding. They may one day respond aggressively, maybe violently, to the most harmless police question, and in the worst-case scenario, wind up with a bullet lodged in their body. These guys, like vultures, have feasted on the bodies of black males. They must be brought to justice!