Bill De Blasio And New York City Marketing Tourism Fails

Democrat New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced his city’s “Homecoming Week,” with public concerts in all five boroughs.

“I am a child of the ’60s. So I can confirm to you: This is psychedelic. This is very groovy!”

De Blasio’s desperate FOMO Alert was a sad attempt to make this event more significant than life.

NYC Homecoming concerts in each borough leading to Central Park show
Insanity Wrap must confess that when we first read “FOMO Alert,” we assumed it was one of this year’s countless imaginary new genders.

We suspect you did, too, a gentle reader. No one could blame either of us. But, no, it’s worse. Groovy as assorted thuggery? Groovy as a shuttered storefront? But the question we must first address is, why does NYC even need a homecoming?

Because people and businesses have been fleeing the city since even before COVID began, the population dropped more than 2.5% in 2018 alone.

Our friend and colleague Jazz Shaw wrote last summer that “entire city blocks in the Big Apple are currently composed of burned-out husks or empty storefronts with all of their windows smashed out.”

High-end retailers like Valentino sued to get out of their exclusive Fifth Avenue leases because “business at the premises has been substantially hindered and rendered impractical, unfeasible and no longer workable.”

Part of what makes exorbitant rents like Valentino pays for its Fifth Avenue location is that it’s the kind of location where the rich and famous people shop to see and be seen.

Masks take a lot of the fun out of that. So does the sound of gunfire.

The Wuhan Flu lockdowns merely accelerated the process of making New York City unlivable again. The process was begun by De Blasio and his fellow and sister progressives, which demoralized the police and made life easier for criminals by eliminating cash bail.

Compounding the deadly folly of eliminating bail, New York used the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to push the longstanding progressive goal of eliminating prison sentences for all kinds of convicts.

Back in March, de Blasio began releasing convicts wholesale without concern for the city’s struggling retailers, be they Fifth Avenue or the mom & pop shop on the corner.

“FOMO” stands for “Fear of Missing Out” on all the free fun De Blasio has planned, but the city is already missing out on little details such as a viable retail sector and law enforcement.

New York City must entice people to return home by providing a favorable economic climate, a return to broken-window policing, and a justice system with fangs.

What will New York City instead get? An urban Woodstock rehash (to the Left, everything is always 1969) with a tagline that sounds like it came from a Libs Of TikTok best hits compilation.

Insanity Wrap isn’t excited about rising food prices, but this is outrageous.

In either case, welcome to the progressive London is another city Insanity Wrap once adored but has no plans to return to.