Biden’s Week: Wandering Away From Handlers, Calling Out To Deceased Lawmaker

In a week filled with important domestic and international news, the headlines made by Joe Biden largely have to do with his continuing cognitive decline.

On Wednesday, Biden spoke to a conference on hunger and nutrition in Washington. When thanking a group of bipartisan lawmakers who had spearheaded the conference, he called out for recently deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN). He looked around the room and asked, “Where’s Jackie? I think she was going to be here.”

Walorski died in a tragic traffic accident in August. The Biden White House issued official condolences when she died, and Biden himself ordered flags at the White House to be lowered to half-staff in her honor.

Following his Thursday speech at the office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Biden said “Thank you” before apparently becoming confused. He turned to leave the podium to his left, stopped short, turned to his right toward some attendees at the event and shook some hands.

The FEMA official who was standing with Biden near the podium can be heard on the video of the event calling out “Mr. President” to Biden as he turned away, apparently heading off in a direction his handlers did not want him to go. If Biden heard her, he ignored her.

The FEMA official followed after Biden as he slowly walked over to the group of people in the opposite direction he was being steered toward. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was also in attendance and showed a worried expression as Biden wandered into the staff area. Biden was eventually herded back in the right direction.

Then on Friday, Biden delivered remarks at the White House for Rosh Hashanah. After repeating the old Democratic false talking point that President Donald Trump’s “good people on both sides” comment after Charlottesville was somehow praise for neo-Nazis, Biden again found himself in trouble.

Jill Biden was on stage with her husband when he completed his remarks. He appeared confused about where to go and froze in place before asking Jill something inaudible. When she responded with a curt, “no,” reporters in the crowd began shouting questions at the president.

Before he had a chance to consider whether to speak to the reporters, Jill began ushering Joe in the correct direction to leave the stage. Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, were also on stage and looked as if they didn’t know what to do to help Joe find his way, although Emhoff tried to be helpful by pointing out to Biden the direction he should be going.

Unfortunately for Americans, the country and world are now left wondering what the next mental lapse will look like as tensions in Europe are reaching new heights amid the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines and the announcement by Russia that they are now cutting off overland energy deliveries to EU nations through Austria.