Biden’s Unspoken Aim: Demoralize Americans

In less than seven months, the Biden administration has produced a catastrophic crisis on the southern border of the United States and an unanticipated disaster in Afghanistan. The latter has devastating geopolitical implications for China, Russia, Iran, even North Korea.

The emerging picture demonstrates that Americans are depressed for reasons other than terrible policies, bad judgments, as well as incompetence. Biden follows a policy of “Rule through Demoralization,” avoiding an opponent’s experience wherever possible, and this administration desires anarchy, terror, and withdrawal.

Moreover, COVID-19 legitimized the suspension of fundamental human rights. Force has always posed a threat to individuals, companies, and institutions who failed to comply with lockdown and mask instructions. Discussions concerning vaccination passports have intensified. The majority of Democratic dictators utilized fear to compel people to adhere. Lockdowns intensified substance abuse, despair, as well as suicide, particularly among children and adolescents. As a result, there was an increase in domestic violence incidents.

The Democratic Party, dominated by the left, attempts to undermine the bargain between free people and government. Their “reset” is to replace constitutional government with one-party tyranny while faking bipartisanship. It is not an assumption. Democrats are vigorously seeking measures to eliminate the constitutional guarantee of free and fair elections.

Last year, Democratic-controlled cities were seized by Antifa and BLM-inspired rioters. Joe Biden and the national Democratic leadership stood by, mainly silent, while some Democrats encouraged the havoc. The maintenance of law and order is no longer assured. The government would not protect individuals. Additionally, “Morale is at an all-time low,” according to Jon Anfinsen, a spokesman for the Border Patrol’s labor unions. America is devolving into an open-air market, with everyone and everyone leaving and entering as they want.

Military troops have been instructed to fly LGBT flags, and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has embraced Critical Race Theory. CRT tries to divide Americans along racial lines and disrespects whites as perpetrators of the left’s bogus notion of “systemic racism.”

Maj. Gen. Mark Milley’s heinous act is not confined to putting CRT poison into the military’s bloodstream. Milley must have been well aware that the situation on the ground in Afghanistan had been worsening for months. If he wasn’t, he’s a complete moron. Furthermore, Joe Biden has turned America’s world-class military completely ineffective in Afghanistan. The scale of the immorality as well as violence that would occur will be mind-boggling. A commander stated that Americans are surrendering to an irregular army composed of Pashtun tribesmen

It is much simpler to overcome the oppressed. That is, indeed, the objective of the Democratic Party’s elite backers. Whether this evil combination succeeds or not is entirely up to tens of millions of patriotic Americans. Therefore, the American people should indeed fight this increasing tyranny.