Biden’s ‘Solution’ To The Supply Chain Crisis Isn’t Even Close To Being True

Biden finally started talking about the supply chain crisis on October 13th that has been around for some time now, and what he claims is that the port of LA is going to function 24/7, which is twice as long as its usual functioning hours. Though he failed to address the real issue behind the disruption issues, according to him, keeping the port open 24/7 could be a real game-changer though we don’t see it happening.

The thing is, there are more things involved than merely keeping the port open 24/7. For now, we don’t see Biden making much of the 24/7 edict that he alleged, considering that the port was already running, intending to reach the 24/7 functioning hours eventually. It isn’t near that goal yet. The Washington Examiner reported that the LA ports were closed on Sunday after a little extra traffic burden on Saturday. Not precisely the 24/7 Biden claimed, especially with more ships lined up than before waiting to be unloaded.

Evaluating the nationwide port schedule, it appeared that the Los Angeles ports were a ghost town on Sunday with empty traffic lanes and cargo ships lined up at the coastlines of LA. On Friday, more than 80 ships were waiting to dock at LA harbors or the Long Island Beach. Moreover, just last weekend, about five of LA’s harbors were open during the day and closed at night. On the other hand, two terminals were open during the day on Saturday at Long Beach.

While there are some apparent state and federal regulations and mismanagement issues, there’s also the fact that the shipping companies running the terminals are foreign and do not care much for Biden’s regulations. Another factor can be that the companies have long-term contracts signed that do not involve functioning on the weekends because it gets expensive to pay the longshoremen. The spokesman at the port of Long Beach stated that they are trying to address the issue with the terminal operators, but Biden’s 24/7 evict becoming operational is far from reality.