Biden’s Pentagon Cleanses War Photographs Showing Our Soldiers’ Penances In Afghanistan

According to a report in Task and Purpose, the Pentagon has purged more than 120,000 photographs and 17,000 films from the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service. The Biden administration is attempting to construct reality rather than live within it once more. To whitewash our devastating defeat in Afghanistan, the heroic sacrifices of American soldiers are being put on hold.

There are no Afghan soldiers or civilians in a substantial majority of the archival photographs. According to the Pentagon, the photographs will be preserved so that Afghans who assisted in the fight would not be endangered.

The DVIDS holds a vast amount of public domain content accessible to the general public and the media. It’s where journalists, historians, and other interested parties gather to build credible narratives about the Afghan conflict. Since their triumph in August, the Taliban has targeted and brutalized Afghans, even those who were part of the previous administration.

According to Kirby, the Defense Department’s Dispatches from Iraq and Afghanistan (DVIDS) database is missing images of Afghan troops and civilians who assisted the US in Afghanistan. In August and September, the DVIDS began archiving images to move Afghans out of the country.

Kirby maintained that the decision was not made in response to a specific security danger but that there was plenty of justification for it. He also stated that the old photos would be reprinted at the “appropriate time.” Many people wonder if the United States’ hasty and catastrophic exit from Afghanistan was caused by blatant incompetence. In an attempt to alter history, how about deleting American soldiers from the official historical record? Is this a case of extreme negligence or arrogance? It’s not a good idea to try to deceive reality by fabricating stories. In the end, reality always triumphs. People can count on it.

Moreover, In a representative republic, elected officials must do their utmost to negotiate reality in the best interests of their citizens, not for themselves. The disastrous pullout from Afghanistan by the Biden administration will never be forgotten, no matter how far they go to try to erase it. Attempting to do so is a sign of arrogance.