Biden’s Newest Answer On Lockdowns Should Concern Us All

The federal government is looking at suggesting lockdowns and vaccine mandates, but the question on everyone’s mind is if it’s legal.

Mandating a vaccine can be done, but it’s not legal to order the Covid-19 vaccine under the emergency use authorization. Under 21 U.S Code – Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies, it outlines what an emergency use authorization can and can’t do.

Under section (e) conditions of an authorization, subsection (III), it states “of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and the alternatives to the product that is available and of the benefits and risks.”

The federal government hasn’t mandated this vaccine at this point because, legally, they can’t. Currently, a federal lawsuit is underway in Raleigh, North Carolina, due to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for employees. According to The News & Observer, the lawsuit argues that employers can’t mandate the vaccine under the emergency use authorization. All eyes are on Raleigh for the federal judge’s ruling, and the Durham County Sheriffs’ office has said they don’t have a vaccine mandate but rather a strong suggestion. It seems they backed up from their original decision, but the deputy wants to be reinstated and given back pay for being fired.

Our fundamental freedoms seem to sway in the balance of federal government power and medical liberty. Only the courts can, and will, determine the constitutionality of local, state, national, and private business decisions.

Millions of Americans haven’t gotten a Covid-19 vaccine, and many have never even gotten a Covid-19 test or even know they contracted Covid-19. Asymptomatic cases are still undetermined, and if you have Covid-19 and are asymptomatic, you wouldn’t have even known you had it so that you wouldn’t get a test.

The big question is the efficacy of natural immunity by infection and the lasting anti-bodies in one’s body from a vaccine, and that’s not determined yet. What we are seeing is most infections of Covid-19 in people who are vaccinated. It would be necessary to do additional research and inform the public to understand vaccination’s efficacy better. So far, studies from various sources have found that natural immunity from Covid-19 lasts anywhere from 5 months to a year. It depends on the individual’s immune response to the virus and hasn’t been entirely determined by scientific data.

President Joe Biden’s responses to questions such as the federal vaccine mandate for employees and if the federal government will mandate the vaccine for everyone is troubling. Biden doesn’t know that answer and seems to respond vaguely as if the federal government is finding a way around the law to mandate every citizen to get vaccinated. The federal government has invested billions into creating the Covid-19 vaccine. Biden’s response to simple questions like these makes it clear that he hasn’t met his goal for vaccinated Americans and is disappointed by it. Whether that disappointment is genuine or if it’s a financial disappointment, who knows?

Regarding Covid-19, the government should stay out of Americans’ business. Patriotic Americans will fight for freedom in this country, and poking the bear won’t do the government any good. Let people choose to get vaccinated or refuse to, and it’s that simple.