Biden’s Net Approval Rating Craters

Numbers continue to show what everyone knows — President Joe Biden is one of the least favorably viewed chief executives in the history of the United States. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows a whopping loss of seven net points in just one week.

Just 38% of Americans approved of BIden’s job performance this week, down from 41% the week prior. Couple that with the 58% who disapprove, up from 54%, and the net approval rating plummeted a full seven points.

Left-wing pundits have been hyperventilating recently over the crashing of the “red wave” many see coming in November. Biden has managed a few legislative wins for his programs, and this they assert will stem the Republican tide.

The reality is, however, quite different.

Despite the 24-hour hyping by the legacy media, the president’s numbers do not hold water with actual voters. This has reportedly been a constant source of frustration for the White House.

Reuters correctly called it a “poor sign for his Democratic Party’s hopes” in the pivotal November midterms. With a slim House majority and dead split in the Senate, the left sees the very real possibility that Congress — at least the House — will be solidly Republican in the new year.

Biden has not been able to get his approval ratings above 50% in over a year, and the number dipped below 40% for quite some time. After a brief flutter it is back in that low territory.

Respondents were asked to rank the country’s biggest issues, and the results were remarkably similar for both parties. A third of Republicans and a quarter of Democrats said the economy is number one.

This of course stems from near 40-year-high inflation numbers and gas that briefly topped $5 per gallon as a national average this summer. Inflation has stepped back slightly, mainly due to gas prices falling, but the overall inflationary numbers are still very high.

Republicans followed the economy with concerns about immigration and crime. A recent Fox News study showed that in seven of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, crime is higher by anywhere from 5% to 40% since just last year.

It seems that every week brings a new platform for the traditional media to stand on and shout that Biden is making a comeback and Democrats will survive the red wave. The problem for the left is, real numbers from real American voters tell a far different tale.