‘Biden’s Misdemeanors’: What Has Happened With The Congress?

The President, Joe Biden, serves as our Pontius Pilate, who has denied any participation in the death of Jesus. According to the American, Biden causes chaos, then leaves a trail of devastation in his wake and accepts no responsibility for any of it. A primary concern here is that where have all the members of Congress gone? Why are they avoiding accountability, and where is Congress? Shouldn’t they collectively demand the president’s resignation and his inept and tone-deaf advisers Blinken, Sullivan, Milley, Austin, and Afghanistan commander Gen. McKenzie? They all suggest a state of frailty.

Joe Biden’s actions are unlawful and then have the potential to be genocidal, yet he looks utterly oblivious or uncaring about them. He and his merry gang of arrogant bumblers are incapable of comprehending the value of human life, the significance of America’s global position, or the critical nature of devotion to the allies. It is past time for everybody to stop terrorizing the kids. How come the men and women of Congress are not banding together to demand that these traitorous tools of China be removed from their positions as soon as possible? If not the American people, then who do they claim to represent? Biden is putting their families and the rest of the people in danger by supporting them.

According to Julian Zelizer, President Joe Biden is hosting an invasion, accepting migrants carrying infectious illnesses and committing crimes. He claims that the administration prefers criminals and international terrorists above citizens of the United States. A string of blunders characterized Joe Biden’s first day in office. He obstructs the wall’s completion as well as obliterates American energy independence. Moreover, Biden favors police defunding as well as the teaching of racist Critical Race Theory.

Subsequently, the big internet companies and the news media conspire to reject the truth as “misinformation.” Nobody in Congress has taken any action to halt the deterioration of America’s civic society. It is also inquired why President Biden’s Cabinet did not invoke the 25th Amendment. In addition, President Biden’s manipulation of Afghanistan’s catastrophic fall to the Taliban is the most horrific crime committed by an American president in the history of the United States of America. As a result, the issue should be rectified promptly, and Congress must fulfill its obligations.