Biden’s Lies Are Coming Back To Haunt Him

Joe Biden may turn out to be one of the most dishonest presidents this nation has ever had. As a career politician, Biden’s lies go back decades. However, he’s been spewing falsehoods at rates never seen before ever since he’s assumed the presidency.

Earlier this year, Biden lied when he claimed economists were not projecting inflation would happen. On the contrary, multiple economists and Republicans have repeatedly warned about the inflationary consequences associated with Biden’s agenda.

About one year ago, Biden also lied when he stated he would not seek to impose COVID vaccination mandates on the nation. The 46th president has worked mightily to compel Americans to take the COVID vaccine with the threat of job loss.

He’s also tried to work his way around various court orders blocking these mandates from going into effect; yet, in this regard, Biden has not rendered his desired outcome.

Now, a report from Twitchy shows Biden’s lies are haunting him like they never have before.

CNN is an openly left-wing, anti-conservative news network. Virtually every single report or story to come from CNN has a leftist slant to it. Therefore, you know it’s terrible for the president when even CNN holds him to account for his falsehoods.

CNN’s Daniel Dale took to Twitter earlier this week, exposing Biden for claiming he was in Israel for the Six-Day War to be a liaison. It is a flagrant, outright lie, as you might have already figured.

When calling this out, Dale professed the 46th president “erred” when speaking about the extent of his involvement with Israel and the supposed timeline of this meeting. Then, other folks took to Twitter, stating that Biden was blatantly getting the story mixed up and seeking to exaggerate facts for his benefit.

Biden’s lies are getting to be so insane and outrageous that even his allies are growing increasingly unable or unwilling to cover up for him.

Last week, the president falsely told the media he gets tested for coronavirus every day. Yet, within mere hours of this assertion, the White House made a statement. The statement walked back Biden’s lie, stating he’s gotten tested for COVID three times each week since appearing to show specific symptoms associated with the virus.

Joe Biden may be able to lie to himself. However, he’s not going to be able to lie to the American people for much longer. CNN is already getting sick of this president’s lies, and from the looks of things, so is the White House.