Biden’s Latest Press Conference Was a Dumpster Fire

When Joe Biden speaks publicly, it rarely ever goes well. Last week, while visiting Europe for a meeting with other leaders, Biden made a series of public comments that were extremely reckless and dangerous.

The president of the United States, before the world, declared that American troops would be heading into Ukraine.

He also clearly encouraged regime change in Russia and even suggested America may unleash chemical weapons against Russia if the latter uses these weapons against Ukraine.

Naturally, each and every one of these statements could set off a new chain reaction of geopolitical nightmares. This is why the White House came out after each of these statements and said the president was mistaken and actually meant something else when he was speaking.

On Monday, Biden gave a press conference from the White House. He was naturally questioned about some of the statements he made overseas, which quickly turned into a dumpster fire, according to Red State.

The Worst Press Conference of All Time

One major point that came up during Monday’s press conference was Biden’s statements about regime change in Russia. Despite the White House immediately walking this back, Biden was asked if he personally takes back what he says about Putin being unable to remain in power.

To this end, Biden claimed that he doesn’t walk anything back. The president then continued, claiming that his call for regime change was a personal view, rather than official US policy. Yet, as president of the United States, Biden doesn’t get the luxury of this distinction when he’s speaking publicly.

Things got worse, though. Later, Fox News reporter Peter Doocey asked Biden about not only his regime change comments, but also his remarks on chemical weapons and US troops going to Ukraine.

Doocey directly pressed Biden about what message is sent when he makes these statements, only for the White House to later openly contradict him. The president reacted by asking what was walked back and then claiming that he didn’t make the previously mentioned comments.

Biden’s declarations about regime change, chemical weapons, and US troops going to Ukraine are on video just about everywhere.

Not Fooling Anyone

While the president may very much like the country to believe he didn’t make three different gaffes last week, these gaffes were made before the world for all to see.

At the end of the day, Biden is not fooling anyone.

The behavior he displayed at Monday’s press conference is a prime reason why his disapproval ratings are getting closer to the 60% range. It’s also a prime example of why Republicans are well-positioned to defeat Democrats in the November midterms.

At the rate things are going, Biden is going to talk himself and his own political party right out of power.