Biden’s Latest Immigration Policy May Be His Worst Yet

ICE personnel would no longer enforce employment rules, according to the Biden administration. Employers are aware that they may pay illegal aliens less than legal residents and hire them over legal citizens. As a result, illegal immigrants will compete for jobs with Americans. They would evict legitimate American workers from positions that provide a living wage and reintroduce aid to fired Americans. Democrats benefit from welfare because it allows for them with increased power, particularly during elections. However, do you believe you should vote for someone who pays you to stay at home and watch television?

While hiring illegal aliens is against the law, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ unlawful policy change provides unfair business advantage to hiring illegal aliens. Businesses that illegally hire low-cost foreign labor can produce products and services at a lower cost than businesses that pay legal salaries to Americans, giving them a significant competitive advantage over ethical and legal employers.

In short, Mayorkas, the man who technically secures the border, lets illegal aliens and Americans work together. Illegals will steal American employment while illegals will be paid illegally low salaries. Simultaneously, he urged American businesses to break the law by recruiting illegals. It is a big win for the Biden administration. Usually, one action violates three laws, but this administration has done just that.

It is not typical Biden policy. In most situations, the Biden-Harris administration punishes Americans and allies for assisting adversaries. For example, the Bidenistas continue to disarm Israel while the Taliban sells advanced US weapons to Iran. People know the mullahs openly advocate for the destruction of Israel and all Jews. Now, the weapons Biden abandoned in Afghanistan will aid Iran. Moreover, unlike Biden’s previous policies, this new one harms everyone. Americans lose jobs as illegals suffer.