Biden’s Handlers Are Keeping Him Away From Interactions With The Media

Joe Biden has made a name for himself as a gaffe-prone politician, both at home and abroad. He invents stories out of thin air, makes insensitive remarks, and appears to forget what he’s trying to say. Biden’s public appearances are littered with cringe-worthy moments.

Joe Biden has struggled to appear rational, capable, and in command of his ideas when he appears in front of the cameras. His managers have had to step in and take control in several cases, forcibly driving the reporters away like livestock at a roundup.

According to the reports, his managers have imposed strict restrictions on his interactions with the media. The idea is to keep Biden and the White House out of any embarrassing situations. Biden, Trudeau, and López Obrador’s usual “Three Amigos” news conference has been canceled. The event was initially set for tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

Moreover, Joe Biden has a reputation for deviating from the script and making inaccurate statements. At a September pool splash with Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, the president declined to accept questions. Pool sprays occasionally but not usually include queries from reporters, according to the White House press secretary. “There’s a long-standing tradition of this occurring if Jen indicated it’s going to happen,” Sink tells Newsday’s Ed Henry. “The president frequently accepts questions during the day,” Meagher evaded.

Joe Biden has been hiding from the press and the public for more than a year. It isn’t the way it’s intended to operate. What is the country to do while he is still in command, while top officials are frantically tugging at his sleeve?