Biden’s ENDLESS Withdrawal From Afghanistan

President Joe Biden’s ill-planned and barely strategic decision to pull out the military troops from Afghanistan has been a never-ending fiasco as thousands of Americans remain in Kabul awaiting a flight out of Kabul. Even after setting a deadline of August 31st, the citizens and Afghan allies remaining on the ground are yet to be evacuated. For that, more troops will have to be deployed back in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the Taliban militants have claimed the hold of major US military bases in Afghanistan, including Bagram Air Base (the crown jewel), Shindand Air Base, Kandahar International Airport, Camp Dwyer Marine Base, Camp Leatherneck Marine Base, and FOB Delaram Marine Corps Base. Biden has left behind the fully equipped and sophisticated infrastructure without destroying them as a gift to Taliban’s who have now gotten their hands on technologically advanced military equipment, including arsenal, combat aircraft, helicopters and biometric data. Their military capacity has now jumped directly from the 15th century to the 21st century, giving them the power to enhance their forces worldwide.

This central oversight at Biden’s end has dishonored the American soldiers who fought and died in Afghanistan for the American cause to eradicate terrorist organizations and derelict everything that they achieved in the past 20 years marking the most disastrous military exodus. Leaving the country to Taliban militants means an invitation for America’s enemies to join hands with the Taliban against America and its allies.

Leaving behind thousands of American citizens would mean leaving thousands of hostages to leverage negotiations with the US. So to rescue the Americans and save Afghanistan from becoming a terrorist haven once again, the military presence of the US will have to be extended for an indefinite amount of time. In short, the never-ending war may turn into a never-ending withdrawal. The situation would not have come to this if Biden had the leadership skills to plan out the whole thing and leave once and for all without any unfinished work. The entire debacle is Biden’s signature fiasco, leading Americans to despise him and hope that he remains in the position for only a single term.