Biden’s Disastrous Vaccine Policy Screws Over Truckers And Consumers, But Illegal Aliens Will Be Fine

According to a senior administration official, essential visitors entering the United States would be required to be vaccinated entirely against COVID-19 by January 1, 2017. The requirement is comparable to that for leisure tourists and was announced by the White House in October. Regardless of vaccination status, American citizens and permanent residents will be free to enter the country. Officials have imposed additional testing requirements because they are more susceptible to contracting and spreading the illness.

The administration’s stance will exacerbate the already dire supply chain problems. But what about the administration’s persistent indifference to the influx of unvaccinated illegal immigrants at our southern border?

According to the Labor Secretary, most truckers are not covered by President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccination and testing regulations for private firms. The sector had warned of possible walkouts, which would wreak havoc on already overburdened supply networks. In a late Thursday interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Walsh stated, “We’ve received some resistance from truckers today.”

On Friday, Joe Biden’s vaccination or testing rule for companies with 100 or more employees took effect. Businesses have until January 4 to guarantee that all of their personnel have obtained the necessary vaccinations. Starting December 5, unvaccinated workers must wear masks inside their workplaces. They must provide a weekly negative COVID-19 test to join the job after that date.

Moreover, a new regulation from the Department of Labor will compel truck drivers to be vaccinated and tested for tuberculosis. The regulation does not apply to truckers working in groups or dealing with people in buildings at their destinations. According to the American Trucking Associations, many truckers would leave, disrupting the national supply chain throughout the holiday season. Currently, the sector is short 80,000 drivers.

According to him, OSHA will assist firms in complying with the regulations by providing example plans, factsheets, and other types of outreach. According to a senior administration official, the suspicions of specific industry organizations are unjustified, citing strong rates of compliance among corporations that have adopted immunization mandates.