Biden’s COVID Relief Bill Crammed With Woke Schemes

The latest example of a horrifically misnamed major government measure is the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 — which of course does nothing to fight inflation. But last year, an equally if not more deceptive title was given to a much larger package.

It was President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), nominally pushed through as a COVID-19 relief bill to the tune of $1.9 trillion.

Biden billed the package as a recovery operation after a year when Americans were told “they were on their own.” ARPA, he said, was designed to “relieve the suffering and to meet the most urgent needs of the nation.”

Some of those urgent needs included a new armored rescue vehicle for Allegheny County, Pa., to replace its old one to the tune of $300,000. Minneapolis allocated another $300,000 for encouraging “healing and positive activation in the Black community.”

The National Endowment for the Humanities hauled in $135 million and allocated $87.8 million for recovering from the pandemic. Rehiring workers, reopening sites and programs were some of the ways the institution said it would recover.

The University of Montana received almost $500,000 to institute several programs on racial justice. One included a lecture series on “racial justice, death, and Indigenous knowledge.”

A nonprofit in the Northern Mariana Islands named 500 sails received $50,000 to teach Indigenous canoe-building. Schools in Montgomery, Ala., received vape detectors. This was explained as helping stop further lung damage if students contracted coronavirus.

New York City Public Schools allocated over $12 million of its funding from the American Rescue Plan for “restorative justice” programs to be taught to all city middle and high schools.

Real people and real businesses suffered real pain during the COVID-19 pandemic, not the least of which was caused by draconian practices of shutting down most of society.

The president’s nearly $2 trillion dollar package was sold as a way to help the nation recover, not as a piggy bank for pet projects. But for the Biden White House and its radical leftist supporters, that’s exactly what it became.