Biden’s ‘Coronavirus Malaise’ Has Democrats Looking For An Exit

According to polls, Joe Biden has a dismal 38% popularity rating, and Democrats are starting to fear his ratings will never improve. Lawmakers are using the coronavirus as an excuse to continue restricting liberties. It’s bad enough that Americans are depressed. Now they’re trying to prevent a return to normalcy.

The issue that emerges is why isn’t Joe Biden’s low job approval rating improving? When posed the topic by a focus group of Pennsylvania Democrats, all nine participants scored him a C- or below. They claim that the epidemic, and the numerous ways in which it continues to obstruct regular living, has soured their opinion of Biden.

Sarah Longwell says she was startled by how similar Democrats’ issues sounded to Republicans in a focus group of Democratic voters. According to her polls, few Democrats blame Republicans for obstructing Biden’s campaign. Longwell said Democrats in Washington are “fighting with one another over proposals that no one knows what’s in” and appear to be in a “cluster.”

According to Democratic strategists, Biden needs to get out of the mess he’s made with his spending proposals. It’s giving voters the impression that the president isn’t focused on combating the pandemic. If Biden cannot blame the Republican Party for the country’s ills, the responsibility will finally fall on his shoulders.

Joe Biden’s popularity rating is at an all-time low, according to Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg, because he handled the Ebola outbreak. The tens of millions of dollars spent to promote Biden’s plan is “reminding” people, according to Rosenberg, that the president isn’t focused on the virus. Even if both legislation is passed, Biden’s reputation will not increase much until Democrats first identify themselves as the party responsible for Covid’s defeat, he added.

It’s too late to say that he was merely playing politics previously, and most children and healthy people are not at risk. Biden was the one who made the coronavirus seem like an existential menace to everyone – adults, children, and the elderly. And, with the economy in freefall and inflation on the rise, the pandemic may be the last thing on Biden’s mind.