Biden’s Confusion ‘Gets More Transparent’ With What He Says About Kamala Harris

They are in Georgia to promote “voting rights” (translation: federalizing elections to consolidate their power). But one prominent “voting rights” activist was absent from today’s speech, Stacey Abrams. She was conspicuously absent from Biden’s meeting. Not a lovely appearance. “We got our time’s tables mixed up,” Biden sought to explain.

So he comes to town to discuss your issue, and you don’t fix your “schedule issues”? That speaks a lot about their attitude about Joe Biden and the claimed threat to voting rights. That’s a good idea of its scale. They know that there is no danger. To maintain power, they are doing all in their ability to federalize the conduct of elections. But that wasn’t Biden’s only moment of bewilderment that day. The term “President Harris” was also used once more by Kamala Harris.

He has nicknamed her “President Harris” before. “All kidding aside, President Harris was a proud Howard alum,” he declared in December at South Carolina State University’s commencement.

Harris pushed her absurd bravado about the filibuster, calling the rules “arcane.” What? So esoteric that the Dems used 327 in 2020? So they weren’t esoteric and racist?

That’s how it works. Have they suddenly become arcane? The Democrats are on track to lose the Senate in 2022 with all their stupidity, which is simply amusing. If they do and destroy the filibuster, they will whine about being cruel and racist. But then they’ll be stuck in their filth, and they’ll deserve it. It’s not only Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) who don’t have the votes currently (D-AZ). Finally, Biden almost went back to lying about his civil rights activism, but he stopped himself midway.

Perhaps the arrest on the way to meet Nelson Mandela began a deception. So I have to applaud him for coming to a halt in the middle of his falsehood. But he tried to re-impress the audience. Remember how Joe Biden had to correct his prior lies about marching for civil rights in 1987?